Lee County FT Results


Lee County Open All-Age
49 entries    

1.Lester’s Bodacious, Owners: Gary Futch, Franz and Karen Rowland, Handler: Rick Furney

2. Erin’s Dog Soldier, Owner: Bill Bruchey, Handler, Luke Eisenhart

3. Stallion, Owners: Drs. Ron and Davey Deal, Handler, Tommy Davis


Lee County Open Derby
19 entries


1. Fire line, Owner: Eddie Sholar,  Handler: Mark Mclean

2. Chickasaw Zackery, Owner: Dr. Ron Deal,  Handler: Lee Phillips

3. K F Ice man, Owner: K F Georgia LLC,  Handler: Judd Carlton

2013 Lee County OAA pics 010

2013 Lee County OAA pics 006

2013 Lee County OAA pics 012


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